Check-It-Gauge is designed to be a versatile measuring tool. It can be used as a height gauge, depth gauge or step gauge just by making a quick and easy adjustment. It is available with either a dial or digital indicator. Adding to its versatility, the indicator tip style can be changed, enabling the measurement of intricate details such as ribs, slots, engraving and grooves. For this reason it is an invaluable tool used by the mold manufacturing industry. Inspectors, machinists, engravers and many other trades can also benefit from its use.
Shown here with a .040" Dia. Tip
Measure Height
Height Gauge: Measure the height above a reference plane such as between the parting line of a mold and a standing core or boss.
Measure Rib
Depth Gauge: Measure the depth of a cavity, counter bore or rib detail below the reference plane.
Measure Step
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Step Gauge: Zero out at the lower reference point and measure the step distance between points.

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Mold Makers • Tool & Die Makers • Machinists • Inspectors • Welders • Mechanics • Engravers